Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fwd: vivacious custard

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the ForeWordable from yesterday's spam goes to:

October has come again, it is not the same October
I cried at the memory of my dead father
I feel dry as if life has lost its richness
Friends have come, most have gone
Maybe it is easier for you
But for me it is not
There is nothing extraordinary about it
But what is life anyway
But yearning for memory of love
Just lost youth

by Karl
$5 has been pledged to the Keiskamma Trust:

Started in 2000, The Keiskamma Trust is an umbrella non-profit organisation established to instill skills development and income generating activities in the village of Hamburg in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.Out of this grew the Keiskamma Art Project, the Keiskamma AIDS Treatment Project (KAT), the Keiskamma Gardening Project and the Keiskamma Early Childhood Development Project, The Keiskamma Heritage Initiative, as well as other social development programmes. Today the Keiskamma Trust oversees these different projects and has reached out to include the adjoining villages of Ntilini and Bodiam.

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